Chewsi™ is the free app that helps you find the right dental services from the right dentist at the right price.  We make affordable dental care available to everyone, giving you a new reason to smile. 

•  Download the Chewsi app and find a Chewsi dentist near you. 

•  Enter Referral Code:  KD

•  Call the dentist to make an appointment. 

•  Get significant savings and pay right in the dentist’s office using the Chewsi app.

Chewsi offers you discounted prices on any dental service you need or want. Chewsi isn’t insurance, so there aren’t any premiums or monthly fees, and the app is free to download. Once you register on the app, you can search for a specific dentist or procedure, call to set up an appointment and pay directly through the app on your smartphone at the dentist’s office.